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Digging for Gold- St Patrick’s Day messy Play

The boys have been loving our messy play trays so I thought I would continue them…This is a really quick and easy one to create and takes 5 minutes to set up…What you will need…

  • Shaving foam (I used 1 1/2 cans)
  • Green food colouring (I used 2 little bottles)
  • Chocolate gold coins
  • Green glitter (optional but pretty)
  • A large container
  • Some spoons
  • Towels

Total cost approx £5

Empty shaving foam into container to desired amount and add enough food colouring to get the colour you want, mix with a wooden spoon.

Bury the gold coins.Add the glitter.Let the fun commence.

The boys had lots of fun digging in the foam for some leprechaun gold.We then brought in the utensils!Cleaning tips…

  • Pop down a towel or something to save your floor
  • Have towels or baby wipes to hand through our activity to wipe hands and faces etc
  • Clean tub and utensils straight away to avoid colouring ( I popped all in shower along with the kids… a whole other activity in its self hehe)

I hope you have as much fun as we did!


Stacey x

Kids and family life, Valentines Day

Valentine’s Messy Play

Last night whilst hoking in the larder for something for dinner I stubbled on a pack of jelly (surprisingly it wasn’t out of date), no one like jelly in our house so I decided it would be a good starting point for a ‘messy play activity’.

What you will need:

  • Some jelly (I used 2 packets)
  • A plastic container
  • Some pink and red playable items
  • Some patience’s
  • And lots of towels

Total cost (£1)

So I found a large plastic container and made some jelly in it, let it set over night and now it’s what to do with it… at this point it’s the case of anything goes.

It was like a fun game for Alfie before we even begun, I said ‘let’s play a game of hunting for any pink or red objects we could find’… this is what we came up with..

Simple really.. a few cookie cutters, balls and roses, we had some pink bowls and spoons too. Basically whatever u can find to hand. I added some confetti too as Sam is past the stage of putting everything in his mouth but you can create it to suit the age of your our kids..

Next it was time to get messy, I decided the best option was to pop it in the shower so all could be washed away easily after use and had the bath ready to go so they could be plopped in to or straight away.

Sam wasn’t sure to start and gave me the confused ‘so I am allowed to mess? look.

But soon got stuck in, both of them did, mixing, cutting,squishing it in between their little fingers and toes. They happily played for an hour.I hope you all have as much fun getting messy as we did and the clean up aftermath is bearable.


The Thompson’s xx