‘Christmas Cupboard’ Decal




Hands up who’s house has/had a ‘Christmas Cupboard’????🎄

For those of you who don’t know what a Christmas cupboard is…

During the month of November your mother would add a few extra bits into the weeks groceries.. these would go into a cupboard that she read out especially and got call the Christmas cupboard… this cupboard was opened and glared at the full month of November but you didn’t dare eat/open anything for fear of a clip round the ear/ or the wooden spoon lol 😂

Once 1st December hit you might of been lucky to get the odd treat from it and loved when visitors landed as the cupboard was definitely gonna be put to use then… and by Boxing Day you where fed up eating crackers, pringles and the left over green triangles from the sweet tin that no one liked!

Come 1st January the contents of this cupboard where usually eaten or throw out and it more than likely went back to a tub a wear cupboard! 😜

These little vinyls are available to stick on your ‘Christmas cupboard’ and are only £4 including free postage!!

They are easy to apply and to remove without leaving a mark on your cupboard! Measuring approx 12 inches by 4 inches (perfect size for the standard kitchen door)

Lots of colour variations available

Additional information

Colour of writing

Black, White, Copper, Dark Green, Gold, Navy, Red, Rose Gold, Silver

Colour of smaller writing

Black, Copper, Dark Green, Gold, Navy, Red, Rose gold, Silver, White


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