Home decor, Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Centrepiece..(Heart Tree)

Looking to add some valentines decor to your home without breaking the bank?

Well why not try this little cute project for free..

All you will need is..

  • A vase
  • Branches
  • Hearts
  • Glue

1. Grab some thin branches from a near by tree, we gathered ours whilst out on a walk. Pop in vase.

2. Cut out some hearts from any card that you have laying around the house.

3. Glue hearts onto the branches of tree! I used as a glue gun as I had one but you can use blue tack, glue dots or whatever else you have to hand.

4. Enjoy your practically free decoration and the fact that you even got some fresh air too whilst looking for branches!

Home decor, Valentines Day

‘Valentines Woollen Hearts’

This is a little quick and easy activity that you can get the kids involved in, perfect for a snowy day like today.

Materials required:

  • Wool (any colour/ any quantity)
  • Cardboard (old box/packaging etc)
  • Pen/pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or glue dots

This project only took 20 minutes, we created our whilst dinner was cooking and one child napping!

This activity is really quick and simple and rewarding for both kids and adults!

Start by drawing your hearts on the piece of cardboard or use a template like I created myself simply on a word document.

Cut it out and glue one end of the wool to the middle. You can use a glue gun if you own one but I found the glue dots did the job!

Continue to wrap the wool around in a random manor until you are happy with the coverage then trim the wool and either glue it to heart or tuck it in under previous placed strands.

And Ta-da!! There you have it your first woollen heart!

Continue on with as many as you wish, Alfie decided to keep ours all red but I think a mix of whites and pinks along with the red would work well too.

Don’t forget to tag me in your socials so I can see all your wonderful creations!


Stacey & Alfie xx