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Kids Christmas Kindness Calendar

24 days in December, and every single one of them could be used by the kids to generate a little bit of kindness to spread throughout the world yes, I am ambitious about this you know, however some of these are easier to carry out than others for both my sake and the kids.

So come on, let’s spread the kindness joy!

What you will need:

  • Pen & Paper ( or computer)
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Scissors
  • Cellotape
  • Treats
  • Storage item Eg a Box/ Bsket or a board. I only used lthis frame as i have a room full of wedding props!

Before you start, write a list of kind gestures that you would like to carry out over the 24 days. I let me eldest help with suggestions too… We included…

  • Go for a walk and pick up any rubbish
  • Donate to food bank
  • Donate some clothes/ toys and books
  • Tidy my bedroom
  • Play nicely with my brother
  • Give a stranger a bunch of flowers
  • Plant some bulbs
  • Draw nana a picture
  • Make a Christmas decoration
  • Feed the birds

Simply write your kind gestures onto some paper or card or print them like i did.

Add a few little sweet treats and wrap it up.

Number each package so they have a little one to open each day, great way to practice their numbers too. I used Poundlands wooden advent numbers for £1

Once all wrapped and numbered its time to pop them in a basket/box/ tub whatever you have handy, lets not make it hard for ourselves.

I hope you have lots of fun creating memories with your little ones and i hope they have lots of fun giving back.

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