Christmas Book Advent Basket

Yippie it’s time for lots of lovely festive stories!!! We love story time in our house, it’s the calm at the end of a usually hectic day!

The Christmas book advent calendar as been a tradition in our home the last 3 years! I created our first one when Alfie was only 4 months old ( think it was more for me than him)

What you will need:

  • 24 books
  • A basket/box/ crate
  • Wrapping paper
  • Numbered tags (optional)
  • String, ribbons, bows to pretty it up if you wish but not required. (Great if you have the time)
  • Now I will be the first to say ours could be a lot more creative but it was created in 20 minutes today in between post office run and a Christmas party!

First of all this doesn’t need to cost a fortune! Before you rush out to buy books, have a quick scoop round the kids bedrooms and book shelves, these don’t have to be Christmas books they can be firm favourites or books at the back of cupboard that you haven’t read! This year a spent £5 on a few new additions!

I decided to use an old broke laundry basket for our calendar but you can use whatever you have to hand, even an old cardboard box wrapped in some wrapping paper would work a treat!

Here is are the books included in our calendar:

Wrap each book individually with your chosen paper! Ours was 2 rolls so stripy paper from the works at £1 for 2 rolls and some brown paper I already had!

Once all wrapped you can pop on tags numbered 1 to 24 but I decided not to this year due to time and also I don’t think a 9 month old and a 3 year old will be interested in numbers when deciding on book to choose.

So over all cost of this was only £6 and took 20 minutes to complete! Think it took me longer trying to get a picture with boys but I think you can see that wasn’t really successful 🙈❤️

I hope you have lots of fun creating you Christmas Book Advent Calendar, I would love to see your creations! Why not tag @poppylaneweddingsandgifts or #poppylanebookadvent


Stacey, Alfie & Sam @ Poppy Lane

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