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How it all began…

My name is Stacey, mummy to Alfie and Sam and wife to a hard working man! We live in the countryside outside Londonderry and I work from home where I have a very messy studio and a little showroom!

My little family ❤️
Photo credit: Nicola Kelly Photography
I created Poppy Lane a few years back when I turned into a ‘silage widow’ one summer ( I am sure all yous farmers wives or farmers wives to be can relate) I start started out creating personalised frames and gifts and have gradually moved into event styling and prop hire, with the odd little gift being created when I have time!
After maternity leave with Alfie and the high costs of childcare I decided to take the plunge, and left my full time job to be at home with Alfie and focus on building the Poppy Lane Brand.
So where did the name ‘Poppy Lane’ come about???

I knew I wanted to start creating (wasn’t sure what) and wanted a name that didn’t tie me to one product type, so I wanted something pretty but vague… I pondered over a name for weeks and couldn’t come up with anything I like. At this stage I had my little Facebook page created and sitting waiting to be published it just needed a name! Then one day whilst washing the dishing in our little heart shuttered mobile home I was admiring the lovely poppies outside in the Lane and voila!!! Poppy Lane was created…. it was that simple!

The culprit!!!

The culprit!!
I adore my job and love helping you lovely bride and grooms create the day of your dreams! I put my all into each event that I do and treat it as it was my own wedding or event! On the run up to your event let me take the stress of the ‘Little touches’ away for you and just let them magically appear at your venue!
I appreciate all the support on my little Facebook, Instagram and now new website. Every little like, comment or share means so much to me! 😘

This little pic is the best I could find at 8am on a Tuesday morning but I feel it gives you a proper insight into the real life Poppy Lane….
messy studio full of organised chaos ✅
one child climbing on my back, the other stirring in crib just waiting to i start something before looking fed✅
and the standard messy bun get sh*t done✅
Lot of love
Stacey xx

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